Working on your own VW Transporter can be fun and cost saving. Naturally, not all of us are mechanics so the working of a Transporter can be a little daunting. With our technical guides we aim to assist you through both basic and advanced maintenance to help keep your Transporter tip-top and safe, while also giving you the satisfaction of doing the job yourself. From checking your brakes and changing the oil to lowering the suspension and re-mapping the engine, we will be covering everything you need to know.

Buying a T4 Transporter

If you’re thinking about buying a T4 VW Transporter, you've come to the right place. Ian Cushway explains how to sort the diamonds from the duffers.

Understanding alloy wheels for your T4 and T5

There’s far more to choosing the right set of alloy wheels and tyres for your T4 or T5 than just the design or finish

Replace the rear discs and pads on a T5

If you’re driving around in a 100k+ mile T5, the chances are your brakes have seen better days.  Disc and pad wear on the rear is fairly easy to spot,…

VW T4 rear wheelarch repair

T4’s aren’t getting any younger, and ours is no exception.  There are a couple of nasty areas on our California that a combination of road debris and the weather has…

Install a T4 egr valve delete kit

Does your T4 feel sluggish? Well, your EGR valve could well be at fault. Give it a clean or, better still, blank it off altogether with a T4 EGR valve…

replace a CV boot on a T4

Need replace a CV boot on a T4? The procedure isn’t difficult, but it is dirty. Here's how to go about it.

How to upgrade a T5 intercooler

If you use your Van to tow regularly, or do a lot of driving up and down hills, then perhaps you should think about uprating your factory intercooler.  Forge Motorsport…

How to re-map a T5

So-called ‘chip tuning’ has always been a successful way of increasing engine power and torque, particularly with turbocharged engines.  Whether petrol or diesel, replacing the factory ‘map’, or set of…