Product Overview


  • Excellent quality
  • Good height range
  • Improved handling
  • 2 year warranty


V-Maxx coilovers for the Volkswagen T5 Transporter


Price as reviewed:


If you want to see any kind of improvement to the way your car handles then you’ve got to get the vehicle lower to the tarmac. There are many ways to do this from simply buying a set of springs, a spring and damper combo or junking your current set up for some coilovers. The later used to be reserved for those who had spare cash knocking about but these days the prices are much more reasonable. Of course, there are some really cheap kits available but it’s often the case that they don’t give a great ride.

We’ve heard from various sources recently that the V-Maxx coilovers for the VW T5 ride surprisingly well, while also offering a very useful 40-75mm drop to bring your wheels neatly into the arches.  Height adjustable via the supplied C-spanner, they’ll improve road holding and
steering feel, too. And, compared to several top name brands who also cater for the VW T5 Transporter, they aren’t badly priced.

What’s more, the V-Maxx coilovers range offers a two year manufacturers warranty and TUV approval. This alone should give any potential buyer peace of mind.



If you're planning on lowering your T5 then the V-Maxx coilover range is certainly worth thinking about. You can easily dial in your preferred ride-height while still having a surprisingly nice ride. Some may think the price is a little steep - and it is compared to cheap alternatives - but compare it to flagship products from well known suspension manufacturers and you'll soon see the price is pretty good for, in some cases, a superior product. What's more, you get a two-year warranty as well. Result.