VWt magazine issue 30

On sale date: Friday 1st May 2015

Inside VWt Magazine issue 30:

  • Rough then ready – T4 Syncro
    Bought as a non-runner, this understated T4 Syncro has evolved into the perfect go anywhere home on wheels
  • Have-a-go hero – T5
    You get a very different vibe from those who take their vehicles apart on the driveway and get stuck into rebuilding them on their own
  • Blue Monday – T5
    Nothing to do with New Order, or the day when people book their holidays, this new T5 from Bus Stop VW will brighten your day, every day…
  • Gandalf the grey – T4
    When you name your Van after a wizard you know it’s got to be magic, right?
  • Road trip
    Glenn Martin, a 50-year-old MAMIL, explains how a VW California helped him achieving a life-long goal
  • VW diagnostics
    Entire books have been written about diagnostics, but here’s the basics to help you better understand the inputs your engine sensors are feeding back to your ECU
  • Nomad Campervans
    From a base in Northern Ireland, Nomad Campervans has outgrown its physical boundaries and now started to take hold in the UK, too


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VWt Magazine issue 30