VWt Magazine issue 29

On sale date: Friday 3rd April 2015

Inside VWt Magazine issue 29:

  • ‘Wagen Wheels – T5
    Ultimate SUVs don’t come more multi-functional than Paul Turrell’s latest well-appointed all rounder
  • Shark tactics – T4
    There’s more to it than a drunken bet and a paint roller, and Adam Roberts’ tactical approach to his budget-built T4 deserves a medal
  • The big sleep – T5
    In their quest for a decent sized place to kip, buying a specially converted T5 was the obvious answer for this retired couple from Suffolk
  • Business or pleasure – T5
    It’s rare the two can genuinely exist side by side, but the Vanworx brand was built on just that ideal
  • Road trip
    Katherine Baldwin and Bill Burroughs spent six nights in a T5 bachelor pad at one of the coldest times of the year, and loved it!
  • T5 buyers guide
    The soaring popularity of the T5 shows no sign of abating.  But how do you go about choosing one, and sorting the nuggets from the nails? Ian Cushway has the answers
  • How to: Replace a T5 stub shaft and driveshaft
    If your T5 has the dreaded transmission ‘clonk’, chances are you need to change a stub shaft, and driveshaft – pronto…


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VWt Magazine issue 29