VWt Magazine issue 28

Welcome to VWt Magazine issue 28.

We’ve got a good selection of feature Transporters for you this month, from a retro airbrushed T5 to a surfers dream weekend ‘Wagen. We also show you how to fit swivel bases to your front seats, take a tour around Concept Multi-car, and follow the Southerton’s on their road trip around Scotland. All this plus the regular product reviews, readers’ rides, letters and more.

On sale date: Friday 6th March 2015

Inside VWt Magazine issue 28:

  • Heavy Smoker – T5
    Taken as far as it can go on standard injectors, Pat Carr’s T5 is here to prove poke really does result in smoke
  • Sign of the times – T5
    With a passion for 1980’s films, Alan Smallwood doesn’t just think outside the box, he paints outside it, too
  • Boarding School – T5
    We don’t need the consensus of the board to tell you Paul Frape’s T5 is radical, dude!
  • History repeating – T5
    The latest creation from VW-T could easily have been the inspiration for the song of the same name…
  • Road trip
    Lochs, castles, endless skies and some of the most beautiful celery in the UK. It can only be Scotland
  • Shop tour: Concept Multi-Car
    Down on the Kent cost, about 200 yards from the beach, lies an industrial estate that’s dominated by the UK’s official Reimo agent and importer
  • How to: fit swivel basses to your chair
    Adding rotating bases brings your front seats into play with the rest of the interior. We show you how to fit them.


The regulars

  • News and Products
  • Readers’ Rides
  • Readers’ Letters
  • The VWt cool wall
  • Walla Speaks: Can insurance companies void your cover if you’re not on suitable weight indexed tyres?
  • Editor’s Soapbox: James talks about the dangers of opening Pandora’s box (i.e. getting in over your head working on your VW)


VWt Magazine issue 28