VWt Magazine issue 26

Welcome to VWt Magazine issue 26.

Inside this months issue we take a look at an air-riding T4 GP – the best all-round Van we’ve ever brought you! Not to detract from the other great rides in this issue, we also feature an OEM+ Euro-Style T4, a classy, tech fest T5 and a wild camping T5.1. If you’re in the market for a T4 you’ll want to read our T4 buyers guide and for those having trouble keeping their windscreens mist free this winter, you might want to replace your resistor pack. We show you how.

On sale date: Friday 2nd January 2015

Inside VWt Magazine issue 26:

  • Grey Pride – T4
    An air-cooled heritage, then a stint with Golfs has lead to some really tasteful OEM+ influenced styling on this choice T4
  • Ride on the wild side – T5
    While most people are going down in the world, David Lawry decide to hit the trail with his rugged, home-built, go-anywahere T5
  • Lower class – T5
    Don’t lower your expectations, drop that jaw to the floor and marvel at a Van that’s got more attitude than the Death Star at low altitude.
  • Dark art – T5
    What kind of trickery can explain the miraculous transformation of a white Panel Van into this hard-as-nails head turner? We talked to the owner, Celia Rumbold, to find out
  • Road trip
    Ed Hardy gets closer to his VW California over a snatched half-term break in the south west of England
  • T4 Buyers Guide
    Daily driver, surf ‘Wagen, weekend play thing… there’s plenty of reasons why people love T4s. If you’re in the market to buy one, Ian Cushway explains how to sort the diamonds from the duffers.
  • Shop tour: Smartbeds
    The Somerset movers and shakers in the world of rock ‘n’ roll beds, and Camper converters to boot
  • How to: T5 resistor pack renewal
    If your windscreen isn’t de-misting quick enough, you might need to upgrade your resistor pack. We show you how to solve this niggling problem


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  • Editor’s Soapbox: Star Wars Vans? We’ve inadvertently stumbled upon the next big thing

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