VWt Magazine Issue 25

Welcome to VWt Magazine issue 25.

On sale date: Friday 5th December 2014

Inside VWt Magazine issue 25:

  • Out of the blue – T5
    Can a vehicle really change your life? Ritchie and Sian Smith certainly think so. Here’s why…
  • Rough and ready – T4 Syncro
    When camping through the winter in the Outer Hebrides is a must, there’s only one T4 to seriously consider…
  • Joint adventure – T4
    Unique (adj): Being the only one of its kind, unlike anything else
  • Want something special? – T5
    Andrew Whant did, and decided the only way it was going to happen was to build it himself
  • Road trip
    Last month we left the Hodges having just arrived in Corsica. Here’s what they did on the beautiful island
  • Road trip
    Worried about taking your Van abroad? Here’s a little tale about how to prevent a road trip falling apart
  • Shop tour: Dub Tend
    This might be a new name to many readers, but the Hampshire-based company is fast establishing a reputation for quality work
  • How to: Upgrade your rear discs and pads
    It is time to refresh your rear anchors?


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  • The VWt cool wall
  • Walla Speaks: Jimbo tells of his hatred toward auction site con artists
  • Editor’s Soapbox: How to lose friends and alienate people in the magazine industry


VWt Magazine Issue 25