VWt Magazine issue 23

Welcome to VWt Magazine issue 23.

On sale date: Friday 3rd October 2014

Custom paint, euro styling and tried and tested engine – we feature what could be the perfect work van, a T5 by KerbsideAuto. Also in this issue we take a look at the lowest T4 we’ve ever seen, a Tangfastic T5 Day Van, the Danbury T5 Trail conversion and Red hot chilli flavoured T4. If you’ve been thinking about investing in a new bed for your van, we explore the best rock ‘n’ roll beds on the market and, to wind down, we took at trip to the latest Camper&Bus Show at Eastnor Castle.

The features inside VWt Magazine issue 23:

  • You’ve been tango’d – T5
    If you can’t recall actually buying your Van, there’s only ever two things to blame – alcohol end eBay!
  • Extreme lows – T4
    The universal truth of modifying dictates that everything looks good when low enough. Ashley Jayne is here to give us the gospel.
  • Lemon crush – T5
    Who couldn’t fall for Clint Harshaw’s ultra clean, Euro look, Mk2 Golf-inspired T5? Just don’t ask for the colour code…
  • Trail blazer– T5
    Being flexible by traveling light is all the rage these days, and we reckon Danbury’s new Trail is about to take the Day Van market by storm.
  • Road trip
    A 2,500 mile return trip to the southern tip of Austria for a VW extravaganza around an alpine lake. Yes please!
  • Show report: Camping at the Castle
    A chilled, family weekend in the Malvern Hills.
  • Shop tour: Buspoke
    With just about the perfect brand name in the business, this crew live up to it with innovative, top quality workmanship.
  • How to: Repair T4 rear wheelarches
    Our T4 California’s rusty rear wheelarches were getting us down, but a trip to Phil Norman’s Brickfield VW put a smile back on our face!


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  • Editor’s Soapbox: Have the Japanese beaten VW at its own game?

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