VWt Magazine issue 22

Welcome to VWt Magazine issue 22.

On sale date: Friday 5th September 2014

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Want a vehicle that can handle anything? You need a van like this months minty fresh T4 cover star. We also take a look at the Compass Navigator – the T4 alternative to a motorhome – as well as peeking inside a T5 with a funky interior that breaks from the norm. Other features include Kenwood’s demo T5 that’s packet with ICE without compromising space, a tour around Evo Designs, and how to fit a double DIN head unit into a T5.

The features inside VWt Magazine issue 22:

  • Van of steel – T5
    Like any superhero, this T5’s sharp exterior hides an interesting and powerful secret identity.
  • Minty fresh – T4
    Following a life-changing incident, Becki Morris decided there was nothing for it but to indulge her long-held passion for a Campervan.
  • Bring the noise – T5
    Remember the good old days of multiple 18-inch subwoofers and massive banks of mono power amplifiers? They’re over.
  • Flight of the Navigator – T4 Compass Navigator
    We never thought we’d get excited about a motorhome but, as soon as we clocked this Compass Navigator, our heading changed course.
  • Quality act: T5
    Despite having a famous showbiz owner, this sumptuous VisionTech LWB T5.1 still manages to steal the limelight wherever it goes.
  • Road trip
    Held every two years, this 600-mile jaunt unites over 110,000 revellers at a petrol heads paradise.
  • Show report: VW Expo 2014
    A chilled, family day out in the Chiltern Hills countryside.
  • Shop tour: Evo Design
    We get access all areas passes to the south coast kitchen purveyors of high class, flat pack furniture runs.
  • How to: Fit a double DIN head unit
    A swanky stereo set up for just £200? Why not, eh?


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