VWt magazine issue 16

Welcome to VWt Magazine issue 16.

On sale date: Friday 7th March 2014

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The features inside VWt Magazine issue 16:

His greatest work – T5
You know you’ve built a good Camper when the first person to view it insists on buying it.

Class phwoar – T4
Toby Hall’s no stranger to VWs, but he’d always been an air-cooled kind of guy. Until this ultra rare VR6 Caravelle along…

The itch for Titch – T5
When your T5 looks like this one, it’s easy to see why people stop, stare, wave and even take video footage when you’re out on the road.

Down with the kids – T5
If all Vans have a purpose, Tobias Kampenga’s T5 is definitely built to party.

Feel the Force –T5
With a cool Bay Window already in stock, Alan Cooper wanted a sensible T5 to use as his daily. But, well, you know how it is…

Road Trip : Honey I shrunk the Campervan
Just three days into California ownership, Ed Hardy took his family around 10 European countries in four weeks.

How to: Lower your T5 – Eibach springs on a T5
VW Sportline T5s use Eibach springs, and you can, too.

Shop tour: Custom Camper Solutions
Prep your Panel Van for a fright because Custom Camper Solutions can satisfy your every desire.

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