VWt Magazine Issue 15

Welcome to VWt Magazine Issue 15.

On sale date: Friday 7th February 2014

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The features inside VWt Magazine Issue 15:

Seasoned Pro – T5
A chance encounter with a T4 turned Jeff Dobbs on, and he hasn’t been able to switch off since.

Green with envy – T4
Sick of rubbish people carriers, Steve Stenton switched his affections to a T4, and has no plans to ever go back.

A life less ordinary – T5
With a history of BMX and motorcycle racing, and a hero in Evel Knievel, Carl Henshaw’s T5 reflects that personality.

Let it bee – T4
Tim Strong was drawn to this Van like a bee to honey, rolling his sleeves up along the way to get totally hands on.

Life styler –T5
Is it difficult to pack 3,000w RMS of music power and oodles of subtle craftsmanship into a factory-fresh Van without people noticing? Visiontech don’t think so…

Road Trip : Wörthersee, Austria
We follow our new recruit on a 2,200-mile journey to indulge in the best Europe has to offer in the way of modified Vans. Strap yourself in, it’s a hell of a ride.

How to: T5 through-hub mod
You’ve probably either read about, or heard talk of, struts through hubs, so allow Lewis and Will at Tidy T5s to explain.

How to: Install a T4 EGR delete kit
T4 feel sluggish, or lacking a bit of pep? Well, your EGR valve could well be at fault. Give it a clean or, better still, blank it off altogether. In this issue we show you how to do it.

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