VWt magazine issue 09

Welcome to VWt Magazine Issue 09.

Onsale date: 2nd August 2013

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Inside VWt Magazine Issue 09:

A game of change – T4
Robert Curson had never thought much about VWs. Until, that is, fate introduced him to a low-mileage T4 for the cost of a good night out.

Fit for purpose – T5
When you want a vehicle for running the family about, holidays and towing your boat to the beach, there’s a simple solution that does it all.

Muscle Bus – T4
Yes, Peter Harrison does look like he could probably rip your head off with one hand, but get him talking about Buses near a BBQ with a beer and you’ve found a new mate.

Black ops – T5.5
If you’re too tight to pay anyone else, and you’d only criticise their workmanship anyway, you too could end up with a T5 just like Stuart Duncombe’s.

Baby Boomer – T5
When tents failed to cut it and a young son put in an appearance, it was time for a T5.

Road trip: Journey’s end
As first time experiences in your Camper go, driving from John O’groats to Land’s End is hard to beat.

Shop tour: Camper&Bus Bournemouth Show
We headed to the coast for our sister mag’s big Bus blowout.

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