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Onsale date: 5th July 2013

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Inside VWt Magazine Issue 08:

Grand design – T5
Self-built projects tend to generate satisfaction and heartache in equal measures, but not Mike Colwill’s stunning, home-built T5 Camnper. He loved every minute of its creation.

It’s not mellow – T4
Cheesemakers and Greeks, both blessed according to Monty Python. They obviously never met Richard Meek.

Let’s get plastered – T5
A Transit for the nine to five and a T5 for the weekends – just goes to show that having the best of both worlds always involves a Volkswagen somewhere along the line.

Let’s off-road – T5
Older readers may remember Simon and Lyndsay’s cheesy cry from the Fast Show, but rest assured there’s nothing cheesy about this high-riding T5.

Lapping it up – T5.5
A T5 makes the fastest Van lap at the Nurburgring. In your face Ford Transit!

Road trip: Spa Classic tour
Name two famous Belgians. Er, Spa Francorchamps and Delirium Tremens. You should experience both before you die.

The Knowledge: 100,000 miles and counting
What’s the secret behind the long-lasting nature of the trusty T4?

Shop tour: CamperVanTastic
We check out the UK’s leading VW California specialist. They’ve certainly come along way in six years.

Show report: Stonor Park
The water-cooled presence at Stonor Park was as great as ever this year.

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