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Onsale date: 5th April 2013

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The features inside VWt Magazine Issue 05:

Taylor made – T5
Built to an exacting spec but on a sensible budget, Martin Taylor says he has his mates to thank for making his wheels turn in the right direction.

Fisherman’s friend – T4
Some things can drive you mad, but this T4 kept its owner sane through a difficult time in his life.

Kennedy space centre – Westy T4
Tired of unreliable, under-powered Type 25s, James Kennedy made the break and bought this Hi-top Westy T4.

Family affair – T5
Looking at Jonny and Jane Ashworth’s T5, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a professional conversion, but the interior was built at home for a family that hasn’t even started yet.

Auction fruition – T4
With a little help from their friends, Graeme and Fay were plucky enough to purchase this T4, sight unseen, on eBay.

Road Trip – 90 days in France
Travelling off peak, through three seasons and over 4000 miles, the Squirrells took their French adventure one day at a time.

Shop tour – Vision Tech
Built on the foundations of audio visual and interior expertise, Vision Tech are now expanding their services.

Road test – Danbury T5s
Renowned for their Brazilian Bay Window Campers, we check out the latest range of Danbury T5 conversions.

T5 air ride overview
Bags aren’t just for shopping, they’re for dropping VWs, too.

How to: Fitting reversing sensors
Avoid car park blushes with aftermarket parking aids.

The Knowledge – T5 Caravelle
This month, we take a look at the most versatile of modern day people carriers.

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