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Onsale date: 1st March 2013

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The features inside VWt Magazine Issue 04:

The Dropbox – T5
VW’s fabled ‘box on wheels’ has been knocking about for 65-odd years now, but can modern technology make them even more drivable, accessible and practical?

Match play – T4
Finding the right people to convert your Camper is like finding the right partner in life. Get it right and you have the perfect match.

Kennedy space centre – Westy T4
Tired of unreliable, under-powered Type 25s, James Kennedy made the break and bought this Hi-top Westy T4

Horses for courses – T5
Michelle Sage used to be into horses. Now she’s into a T5, and she’s not the only one, for it picks up trophies at just about every show she and her husband, Matt, go to in it.

Road Trip – Three years in a T4
Everyone dreams of selling up to follow their dream and travel the world in a Camper, but few go as far as this.

Shop tour – T4Life
Starting out with a passion and turning it into a business is a story we’ve all heard before, but building a solid reputation via word of mouth and the chattering interweb classes is another matter altogether. This is T4Life.

Road test – Danbury T5s
Renowned for their Brazilian Bay Window Campers, we check out the latest range of Danbury T5 conversions.

T4 Buyers guide 
Looking for an affordable, modern Van to base your Camper conversion on? You need a T4, but read this first.

The Knowledge – Working class heroes
Owen Pye looks at the creation of a cult – the T4

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How to – Replace a T4 accelerator cable
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