VWt Magazine Issue 03

Welcome to VWt Magazine Issue 03.

Onsale date: 1st February 2013

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The features inside VWt Magazine Issue 03:

Alter ego – T5.5
There are plenty of cool converted Panel Vans around, but few live such a successful double life, switching between workhorse and weekend Camper at the drop of a hat.

Lime wire – T4
Some like their VWs to be subtle, with only those in the know recognising they’re a bit special. Martyn Lawrence does not fall into this group.

Social club collective – Two T4s
Starting your own business involves making a leap of faith, but Toby Stowe and his mate, Dave McCowan, are part of a collective that its customers refer to as T4Life.

Super tough – T5 Widder
When the chance came along for VWt to test the German army’s latest purchase, we answered the call.

Road Trip – T4 to the Nürburgring
This month, a trip to Germany’s 24-hour race in a vegetable oil-burning T4. Great racing and just £13.50 in fuel!

Road test – Danbury T5s
Renowned for their Brazilian Bay Window Campers, we check out the latest range of Danbury T5 conversions.

California Buyers guide 
This month we look at VW’s own Camper, The California SE, and ask if the extra expense over other conversions is really worth it?

The Knowledge – Caravelle Multivan
This month, a quick peek at a T4 sales brochure from 1997

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