VWt Magazine Issue 01

Welcome to VWt Magazine Issue 01.

On sale date: 25th September 2012

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The features inside VWt Magazine Issue 01:

Brains & braun – T5.5
Why buy a California off the peg when you can spend a bit of time building a T5 to your own exacting standards? Here’s why…

Rat Boy – T4
Built with a little help from his friends, this Van combines show and go to maximum effect

Game over – T4
‘An ending fitting for the start’ is a great line from the Libertines and sums up Dan Morley’s T4 perfectly

Family values – T5
Some partners moan about time misspent playing with toys, but Adrian Hughes’s wife Lynn arranged a feature for him instead

Road Trip – Le Mans or bust!
Lawrence Butcher heads to the Le Mans 24hrs in a T5.5

Shop Tour – Vanworks
Looking for a one-stop shop that covers every aspect of T5 modification? Here it is!

Road test – Edition 25 Caravelle
We conducted a week-long test of a special Caravelle and, over a thousand miles later, here’s what we thought.

Weekend away – Taking a T4 to the seaside
A quick trip to East Anglia and the home of the Partridge

The Knowledge – Take a look at the new Caravelle
Look and learn, people, as we delve into the history of the T4

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How to – Lowering a T5 yourself
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