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On sale date: Friday 1st August 2014

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Built in the days before T4s were cool, we take a look at a Transporter that breaks all the rules. We take a trip to the Hanover factory to see where VW gives birth to our favourite Vans as well as taking a look at the variety of kitchen pods available to fit in your Van today. Other features include a test to see which Transporter is best, a look at an ABT Sportline T5 and a Danbury Doubleback conversion.

The features inside VWt Magazine issue 21:

  • Kit hot – T5
    ABT’s range of Van accessories is so good even VW endorse and fit them to its demo vehicles so, when it comes to body kits, this is the closest thing to the GTi Van you can get.
  • Old’s cool – T4
    Proof, if any were needed, that taking your time and doing jobs as and when you can afford to, can make for a fantastic end result.
  • Eco warrior – T5
    Once the VW affliction has wormed it’s way into your soul, it’s incredibly difficult to cast it aside. Rob Turvey went away, but now he’s back.
  • Period drama – T4
    When the man responsible for the Volksrod Beetle that wowed the water-cooled scene got busy on a T4, we knew it would be a bit special. But the transformation of this trendsetting T4 started long before that.
  • Flexible friend – T5
    Danbury’s unique Doubleback conversion offers the practicality of a Transporter with the space levels of a full-fat motorhome. This thing is so clever, we had to take a closer look.
  • Road trip
    1,100 miles in four days with a bunch of California Owners Club members, converging upon a lake just 10 minutes from where their Vans were built. Good times.
  • Show report: Cruise to the Prom
    A driving and show event that ends up at the beach. Bonus!
  • Show report: 60 years of the Transporter
    A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drive every generation of VW’s Transporter
  • How to: Re-map a T5 turbo diesel
    Almost double the output of your T5 in less than an hour, and for less cash than a weekend away? Pick up the mag to find out how.


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