VWt Magazine issue 19

Welcome to VWt Magazine issue 19

On sale date: Friday 6th June 2014

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The features inside VWt Magazine issue 19:

Meaning of life – T5
Home-brewed conversion with professional quality

Specs appeal – T4
Could you tell a part-finished project that’s worth taking on from a used, abused whole heap of trouble? Jeff Ireland had a vision, and this is it

Oranje Boom! – T5
There’s a time and place in everyone’s heart for a completed project that’s done to an exceptionally high standard and Steve Saxon was ready to take advantage.

Bought & built – T4
Everyone has a reason for wanting a Campervan, but none are any more significant than Mark Bradley’s.

Home grown – T4
After 20 years as a VAG mechanic, you’d have thought Simon Cooke would know better than to keep playing with his toys…

Show report: The VolksWorld Show 2014
It’s the season opener for the air-cooled crowd, but the water-cooled force there is growing stronger every year

Guide to wheels and tyres
Are you dedicated to alloys? Do hoops make you horny? Then get ready for the techy low down on selecting the most important element of any modified Van

Shop tour: T4 Transformations
At it since 2006, this Wakefield-based Camper specialist is no stranger to the pages of VWt and Camper&Bus.

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