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Welcome to VWt Magazine Issue 18.

On sale date: Friday 2nd May 2014

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The features inside VWt Magazine issue 18:

Trailer blazer – T5
Mike Kennedy’s T5 and matching trailer take the concept of combining your work and hobby one step further.

Urban legend – T5
Phat, large, dope and many other words that probably don’t mean much to anyone over the age of 15, but by jingo we do love it so.

Wave of delight – T5
As lifestyle statements go, this jet ski-topping T5.1 is one of the most impressive looking out there, and it’s even more posh inside…

Bought & built – T4
Everyone has a reason for wanting a Campervan, but none are any more significant than Mark Bradley’s.

A bit of all white – T4
Having grown up in a Beetle, 44-year-old lorry driver, Mark Cunningham, bucked the trend and opted for fast Fords instead. That was until he went to Bug Jam…

Road Trip: Two weeks in Provence
2,000 miles around the south of France in a T5.1 California. What’s not to love about that we ask?

How to: Fit bigger brakes to your T5
Feel your T5 comes up short when it comes to braking distance? Fret thee not…

Shop tour: Complete Campervan Conversions
Family fun, Hull-based conversion specialists can provide a bespoke service for any and all of your Campervan needs.

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