VWt Magazine features some amazing Volkswagen Transporters, using the highest quality photos we can. Once a feature has been out for a while we select our favourite images and present them as desktop wallpapers for you to download and enjoy by dressing up your computers desktop. The size of each wallpaper is 1920×1200 pixels, which will work on all 16:9 monitors and should crop perfectly on 16:10 monitors as well.

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VWt Issue 35

What’s in this issue. Feature Vehicles T5 – From a tent, to a caravan, to a modified T5. Like folk music, they get everyone in the end. T4 – There’s…

T5 4Motion TDi desktop wallpaper

2012 T5 4Motion

We love a four-wheel drive. Not a take-the-kids-to-school-and-engage-low-ratio-to-climb-the-kerb type, or an underbody-neon-16-speed-turbo-flamer-nitrous-squillion-horsepower-Fast-and-Furious kind but a proper four-wheel drive in the vein of the old Type 25 Syncro or the ultimate…